Stand out and be different. 


Let your voice and message be heard! Let them "Hear Your Roar"


It all begins with an idea. Then it will be reality! Design is the perception of your idea.


We all need someone to look at things from a different point of view. We are here to listen and help you with your idea.

The Gold Lion Agency- GLA

The Gold Lion Agency lives by a simple oath: Respect the clients and create work that works. Sounds simple, but it takes every one of us here at GLA pulling together and living it every single day.

Building your company brand is the process of communicating to the world who you are and why anyone should care. This process is both visceral and visual. It's how the world sees your business. And if your image is professional and disciplined, your customers, clients and competitors will perceive your business with more respect. It's being the King and its natural! 

At GLA, we strive to elevate our clients' brand perception. We analyze both the organization and their market competitors to build a a look and brand message that resonates with customers. Our aim is to build a brand that sets itself apart from the market competitors, rather than emulate them. 

GLA will customize a marketing and advertising strategy utilizing online, social media and much more. We will work with small businesses that will help them grow their business while they are working on their craft we will projecting their brand and making them the king of their field. 

We’re on a mission to exceed all expectations and build long-lasting relationships in which to bring forth productivity and excellence. Our philosophy is unbound – we harness the power of creativity, technology, media and community to help our clients achieve their greatest ambitions in a post-digital, consumer-controlled world. We believe the biggest threat to brands isn’t rejection, but rather indifference, so we set out to make our clients’ brands a productive part of consumer lives and to make spending time with those brands worthwhile.


It's a Jungle out there and you need more than "Likes" to navigate the Social Media Safari" Let us help you be the "King".


Make your first or your next event the event that will have every one talking! From Galas, Fundraisers, or corporate events...lets us help you.


It's your Safari to your target audience. It's the first thing they will say and make their decision to call or to be your customer. Make sure it's the best it can be. 


We never say we do things better...we do things different. Its a jungle out there...step up, dare to be different, and be the King!

Our Upcoming Productions/Events

2nd Annual Blues For The Blue Concert October 30, 2020
Cambier Park
Legends Concert Series "First Friday" 1-1-2021-7-2021
Sugden Regional Park
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